Day of stuff


Bring options, if you’re not sure bring it. Avoid all white or all black, they don’t show up very well. Avoid busy patterns, they can be distracting. Watch out for logos or brand. Solid colors that look good on you are best. When choosing think about how you will use this photo. Dramatic/theatrical look or light and cheery for commercial? Do you want to look dressed up, dressed down, a character, sporty, professional or somewhere in between. Your clothing choices should speak to your overall goal for that photo and we will chat about it before the shoot to make the best choices.

Hair & Make-up

2 options: DIY or hire a hair and makeup stylist.
If you're a veteran and you know you can nail a good makeup look that will look great in a photo then go for it. Hair and makeup professionals are wonderful because they know how to give you a look that reads in photos well. You can bring your own or I can provide referrals.

Note for the fellas: Take care of your face! Groom that facial hair, wash and moisturize, don’t drink or do weird stuff that will effect your skin. Without makeup the camera sees everything and being nice to your face before the shoot will go a long way.